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Success Stories

We want to hear from you! Tell us what you’re doing and send us before-and-after photos. Watch this space — we’ll share examples of Flint residents using these funds to improve their homes. Share your experience with us at or indicate your interest in sharing your story on your application form, and we will follow up with you!

James and Brenda Poindexter have lived in Flint their entire lives and have lived in their home since 1971. Through the Flint Home Improvement Fund, they were able to replace the roof on their garage, install new cabinets, flooring and a sink in the kitchen, and seal and paint their basement.

“This break really gave us a chance to get some stuff done. It’s really been a blessing,” Brenda Poindexter said. “Habitat for Humanity have been wonderful from the first time we went down there and took the paperwork. … It’s a long time we needed to have this done, but we just couldn’t get it done. And I’m very happy.”

Ashara Manns has lived in her house her entire life and has owned it for more than five years. Through the Flint Home Improvement Fund, she had a front and back porch built and had new gutters installed.

“The porch was very unsafe. I didn’t have any siding to keep the kids or anyone from jumping off or falling off,” Manns said. “When we first got home, when we first saw our new porch, I called my aunt and my sister on video. And they were crying, and I was crying. The kids were excited. I took pictures of them, and we had a dance party.

“We were so excited. It looks so nice.”

Shirley Godwin has lived in her home since 2010. Through the Flint Home Improvement Fund, she was able to remove all the carpet from her home and replace it with vinyl plank flooring. Getting rid of the carpet in her home was critical to helping with health and breathing issues she has experienced.

“When I peeked in my front door and seen some of the flooring that were being put down, I just busted out and started crying. And it’s been such a blessing to me,” Godwin said. “And, oh, my God, you are talking about such a joy that came down, and a peace came within me. I was so happy.

“It’s such a blessing, and I want everyone to know there is help out there, and it doesn’t matter about your income. All you have to do is go and apply.”

Jennifer Johnson purchased her home in 2016 from the Genesee County Land Bank Authority. The Flint Home Improvement Fund allowed her to continue to make improvements on it.

“There was no plumbing, no furnace, no anything. I had never had a house before. I was renting, and I wanted a place for myself and my mom because she was getting older. The Flint Home Improvement Fund helped me by giving me a brand-new roof, new gutters. They fixed my porch that was falling off, basically,” Johnson said. “There were parts of the porch I was afraid to walk on because it was so soft. And they’ve rebuilt all the brick columns, and it’s beautiful. I couldn’t even talk.

“It's improved my life because I’m not constantly worrying if the column is going to fall or if I’m going to fall through the porch. Habitat’s wonderful to work with. They’re very informative. They’re very punctual. They do work with your income.”

Cecil and Melody Noronha have lived in their home since 1998. Through the Flint Home Improvement Fund, they were able to replace an old boiler, rebuild their front steps, rebuild one of their chimneys and repair plaster throughout the home.

“We chose to apply for the Flint Home Improvement Fund because it gave us just a tremendous opportunity to have so many critical repairs that were necessary for the home. We take a tremendous amount of pride in our home and in our neighborhood. This program has helped us to really bring the house up to a standard where we can feel really good about ourselves and our neighborhood,” Cecil Noronha said. “This program has actually given us that opportunity to take care of some things that just would not have been able to be done without it, so it has just been a real blessing for us.”

Valerie Callaway has lived in Flint most of her life and has owned her home for about 10 years. Through the Flint Home Improvement Fund, she was able to have a new roof, vinyl siding and gutters installed, and have painting done on the inside of the home.

“Wow. My reaction was, ‘Wow.’ I got to be blessed. It changed my life to the fact that I want to go ahead and stay here,” Callaway said. “First, I was thinking about getting up out of here, but because of Habitat I decided to stay. My house is looking gorgeous.”